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Foreign Boys Come to China to Learn Kung Fu

Traditional martial arts are profound. Under the influence of martial arts stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, traditional martial arts have also been well spread abroad. Some kung fu fans even come to China to study kung fu. Radoslav Detchev is one of them.

Radoslav is a freehand fitness enthusiast, who can do simple handstands, acrobatics, etc. He was attracted by Bruce Lee by accident and dreamed of that he could become a excellent kung fu expert. Driven by his strong inner desire, Radoslav made the decision to learn kung fu in China himself.

When Radoslav came to Kung Fu School, the biggest challenge he had to face with was the daily routine. He needs to get up at 6 o'clock every day for morning exercises, and then his formal training will last up to 8 hours every day. Therefore, Radoslav had to keep training, enduring severe muscle soreness. Since he is at the first stage of training, Radoslav practices flexibility the most, and doing splits is only the most basic requirement. Fortunately, after some pain, finally, Radoslav was able to do splits. In addition, his hair and beard had also been grown long.

After nine months of hard training, Radoslav not only needs to practice flexibility and strength, but also learns to use weapons and various martial arts skills. Therefore, during this period of study, he experienced very comprehensive events such as knives, sticks, boxing and Sanda. As for the results, the above picture shows Radoslav's excellent performance in the exam. Oh, I forgot to say, Radoslav has been trained to break bricks easily. In the face of such skill, do you think it extraordinary?

Interestingly, Radoslav became a fitness trainer after returning to his country. In addition to regular fitness teaching, what the most-popular and he likes to share is the experience of learning kung fu in China, and he hopes to continue practicing martial arts with his master in the future. This is also a recognition of Chinese kung fu.

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Foreign Boys Come to China to Learn Kung Fu