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Analysis on Methods and Skills of Learning Chinese

Modern Chinese is a relatively difficult subject in the Chinese department of the university. In order to pass the exam, we should also learn modern Chinese well. Next, I will arrange some easy ways to learn Chinese for everyone.

Some suggestions on learning modern Chinese well:

First: read as much as possible. Modern Chinese seems easy, but to really understand it, you really need to read repeatedly. When I was a freshman, I didn't think I could understand it very well. Now I have read it many times because I have to take the postgraduate entrance examination. I have increasingly profound feelings when reading it over and over again. It requires no recitation,but understanding. In this sense, it is actually quite interesting.

Second: do practice. Reading alone cannot give an intuitive understanding of one's mastery, and not doing exercises is not conducive to true understanding, especially for vocabulary and grammar analysis, just need to do the exercises after class.

Three: practice. Combining with the phenomena in daily life, the author uses modern Chinese knowledge to analyze pronunciation and vocabulary.

At the same time, the purpose of learning must be clearly defined. Language learning is of great significance to a learner.

Next, while paying attention to the scientific and systematic nature of modern Chinese and firmly grasping the basic concepts and laws, we should adhere to the principle of integrating theory with practice, strive to cultivate our own understanding and analysis ability of the actual situation of modern Chinese, and apply these theoretical knowledge and analysis ability to the practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We should really be "fluent" and "proficient" and improve the actual level of language use.

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Analysis on Methods and Skills of Learning Chinese