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A Polite Phrase in Chinese

Each language has different polite words. The so-called "polite language" refers to some relatively fixed statements that are used to express their politeness.

On different occasions, different polite words are needed. This is a headache for people learning Chinese. What kind of polite words do you need to use on what occasion? Here are some examples:

The first meet
When Chinese people meet for the first time, the general saying is "Hello, my name is XXX, I am very happy to know you." In addition, when they say that the other party is someone they really want to see, they usually say "jiu yang". It means that I have heard of you for a long time or have long wanted to see you. Among them, "yang" means to look up, meaning to look up at each other to show respect.

Ask about the other party's work
You can say "nin zai na er gao jiu?", The last "gao jiu" means your work is good, and it means to show respect.

Marriage and childbirth
When Chinese people attend other people's weddings or learn about the other party's marriage, they generally say: "zhu ni men bai nian hao he". Because they usually choose lilies when they send flowers. In China, the pronunciation of lily is similar to the pronunciation of "bai nian hao he".

When it is learned that others have children, if it is a boy, it is generally said "xi de gui zi.". If it is a girl, say: "xi de qian jin". These are respectable statements.

When a friend moves, we generally say, "qiao qian zhi xi". The word "qiao qian" can be used when the other party moves or is promoted. In addition, "xi qian xin ju" is also a polite phrase commonly used at this time.

There are a lot of festivals in China, and the sayings of these festivals are generally "Happy XX Festival". At the birthday, we said, "Happy birthday to you." During the Spring Festival, the Chinese generally say "Happy Spring Festival".

In addition, during the Qingming Festival, we will not say "Qingming happy." Because Qingming Festival is a day when people worship their ancestors and their loved ones, it is not appropriate to say "happy".

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A Polite Phrase in Chinese