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Application Process

Enrollment Period, Qualification Requirements and Process for Registration

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Enrollment period:

(1) One-to-one course in Chinese, programs, cultural knowledge and skills and special subject training can be applied at any time of the academic year.

(2) Small group class in Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese begin at the end of February and at the end of August each year.

II.Application qualifications: All people who are in good health and interested in Chinese language and culture and would like to study in our school, while complying with the laws and regulations of China and the regulations of our school, are welcome to apply to our school.

III. Application process:

(1) Please directly contact the office of the Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture to ask for a student’s visa application form or use the following website (http://www.learnchineseinkunming.com )to obtain the necessary form which should be filled in and sent back to the office by fax or E-mail:(east_school@hotmail.com)

(2) Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture will go through the formalities of the JW202 and post back the authorized JW202 form and the letter of acceptance to you.

(3) Please go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate which is nearest to you with the letter of acceptance, JW202 form and medical examination report to apply for a student visa (X visa) and then come to our school to register upon arrival.

(4) If you can’t apply for a student visa for any reason, you can apply for a Tourist visa (L visa) or Visiting visa (F visa) to come to our school and we will help you to change it into a Student visa (X visa) after you register here. You will be expected to pay all relevant fees.

(5) If your study period is not more than 3 months you can come to study on a Tourist visa (L visa) or Visiting visa (F visa).

IV. Process for registration:

(1) Students who need to be picked up by our school should tell us their precise flight or train schedule at least three days before arrival.

(2) The students should register, and pay off all the tuition fees and textbooks, get a timetable and apply for a resident card at our school at least three days before the semester starts. so that there is sufficient time to settle down in Kunming.

(3) A passport, the letter of acceptance, medical card, insurance document and 8 photos (4x5cm) are needed for registration.

Process for registration

If you are currently in China:
(1) Choose course

(2) Fill in information (Click button to download the form) and email to

(3) We confirm with you the tuition fee, payment method, and other details.

(4) You pay the fees.

(5) Once we receive your payment, we help you apply and transfer your current visa to student visa.

(6) You are responsible for the visa transfer/renewal fees, if any.

If you are currently outside of China:
(1) Download application form (Click button below)

(2) Fill in information and email to

(3) We confirm with you the registration and tuition fee, payment method, and other details.

(4) You pay the fees.

(5) We post the JW202 (Visa application for study in China) to you.

(6) Apply the visa in your local China Consulate, book flights and come to our school!

NOTICE: According to government policies, now all students have to buy Personal Accident Insurance in order to process your application. You can buy yourself, or ask us to buy it for you:

1. 18-65 year-old: 200rmb/year.

2. 65-80 year-old: 365rmb / year.

If you want to buy by yourself, please make sure it is the insurance from China, not from your home country.

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Application Process